60 Days Dubai Visa

August 5, 2014


How to Apply

It is our pleasure to assist you in your hassle free trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by providing you with tourist or service visas online.  Whereas you can enter at any port of seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah).

Regular Visa

  • Applying for a visa application normally takes around 4-5 working days for all nationalities.

Express Visa

  • Now applicant can enjoy our express urgent visa services. In which  they can get their visa  in 2 working days by paying extra 175.00 AED (terms & conditions apply).

How to Pay?

  • Head Office:  Office: 27, Al-Maraya Building, Satwa Roundabout, Al-Diyafah Road, Dubai.
  • Bank wire transfer/deposit:

CURRENT ACCNT#:       100 142 5931

IBAN ACCNT#:                AE61023000000 100 142 5931  

  • Western Union Money Transfer

Mobile: 00971504270111 

Required Documents

  • check documentation section….


Guarantor’s Documents:

Documents for Visitors with Guarantor In UAE.

We do not required security cheque or cash deposit but only a local residence of U.A.E to be as your visa guarantor.

  • No Cash Guarantee
  • No Cheque Guarantee

Guarantor should be on residence visa in U.A.E & should provide us with below requirement as Guarantor Document.

    • Guarantor’s Passport copy. (valid for minimum 3 months)
    • Visa Copy. (valid for minimum 3 months)
    • Emirates ID Card.  (valid for minimum 3 months)


Visitor’s Documents:

  • Visitor’s Scanned Passport copy.
  • Recent passport size photograph.
  • The validity of passport should be minimum 6 months.
  • The passport should not be in hand written format.
  • The documents submitted should not be blurred or weary.


Requirements for obtaining a visit visa for Dubai vary depending on your nationality. GCC citizens do not require a visa to enter Dubai, and citizens of 33 other countries can get a visa on arrival in Dubai.  Nationalities not in this list can get a 15/30/40/60 day tourist visa sponsored by a Desert Dream Tourism, and this should be obtained before entry into UAE.

The Below nationalities can get visas on arrival :


AndorraGermanyLiechtensteinSan Marino
AustriaHolland (Netherlands)MalaysiaSpain
BelgiumHong KongMonacoSouth Korea
BruneIcelandNetherlands (Holland)Sweden
DenmarkIrelandNew ZealandSwitzerland
FinlandItalyNorwayUnited Kingdom
FranceJapanPortugalUnited States
Vatican City


Note: It is important to remember that visa laws can change frequently, and therefore it is always advisable that you check with the us before confirming your travel plans.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Terms & Conditions” tab_id=”1407137045464-3-6″][vc_column_text css_animation=”left-to-right”]

  • In the event that your visa is approved and issued to you but you are unable to travel due to uncertain reasons to UAE, a penalty of 250 AED will be charged from the guarantor.(Terms & Conditions)
  • Please note that the visa application will be made only after the required documentations are completed and all the payments are cleared.
  • All Visa applications are for single entry only.
  • We recommend applying for your Visa at least 5-7 days prior to your arrival. We require 5 working days (Sunday to Thursday) to process your visa. In case of application being on hold with the Immigration, the approval may take 2 more working days.
  • Once Visa is approved, we will be sending you a copy via e-mail since the visa is applied online. You need to print the visa copy and upon arrival at the airport you may proceed to the passport control section, no need for original copy except Philippine.
  • Visa Approval is at sole discretion of the Immigration Officials and not Desert Dream Tourism. We cannot guarantee that all applications will be approved. Once your Visa Application is submitted to Immigration Department, the Visa Application Fee is non-refundable whether it is approved or rejected.
  • Certain airlines require a passenger “OK to Board” update in their system which needs to be done at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. This will be a sole responsibility of the passenger itself. If you wish Desert Dream Tourism to do it for you, extra charges will be incurred.
  • If your Dubai Visa Application is rejected; we will provide you with the proof of rejection from the Immigration Department for your reference and record.
  • Although the validity of the visa is 60-days from the date of issue to enter the country, but we recommend the traveler to enter the country within 15 days. Travelling after 15 days should be charged AED 100 as an extra fee.(Terms & Conditions)
  • In case the tourist does not exit the country within the due date specified, the guarantee amount will be used without any information to them to remove overstay. Moreover  AED 100/day will be charged from the guarantee amount as an overstay fine from our side apart from the fines incurred by the immigration.(Terms & Conditions)
  • Those who have taken 60 days visa should inform Visa department on the given contact details after entering the country so that the visa can be extended within the due date. We are not responsible if the same is not extended on time.
  • If you wish to extend your visa you may inform us five days prior to the visa expiry.
  • Any crimes made during the visit of the traveler sponsored by us will be dealt with the UAE Police Department. In case if they are imprisoned and show overstay in the Immigration Systems, the security cheque of the guarantor will be deposited.
  • After leaving the country, you have to send via e-mail or fax the page of your passport that has the exit stamp from the immigration of Dubai/UAE, as a proof that you have left the country so that we can double check it in our online system.
  • The security cheque will only be refunded if our Online System shows the particular traveler has LEFT THE COUNTRY.
  • In case of guarantee cheque, it is the guarantor’s responsibility to collect the cheque within 15 days of the passenger’s exit or you can asked us through email to cross it and send you a scanned copy of it. If they fail to do so RTT will not bear any responsibility of the cheque thereafter.
  • Please note that our company is not responsible for any traveler having medical problems. If you wish to make any travel insurance for the traveler, you may let us know in advance before making the visa.
  • Make sure that you are holding a confirmed return air ticket.


  • All passengers must make sure that they are holding a valid and confirmed return air ticket.
  • It is also mandatory that you have a confirmed hotel booking in Dubai (any hotel).

When applying for UAE visa there are 10 most common reasons why visa is rejected or disapproved. 

  • Applying for visa in UAE with unskilled profession stated in the passport such as laborer, farmer or service also might get rejected.
  • Hand written passport copies by nationalities such as Bangladesh and Pakistan and other sub-continent Asian countries will automatically get rejected by the UAE Immigration
  • Applicants with previous criminal offense, fraud or miss conduct committed are blacklisted in the UAE immigration and hence will be rejected automatically.
  • If an individual has previously applied tourist visa by the applicant who did not enter the country. If we apply another visa for them then it might get rejected as the previous visa needs to be cancelled. In order to get an approval, PRO of the applied travel agency or sponsor must go to the immigration to clear the previous UAE Visa. For tourist visa it will expire after 60 days
  • If photo of the passport copies are blurred when applied in the online UAE Immigration usually gets delayed of approval or sometimes also rejected.
  • If any applicants applied employment visa by any company in UAE but did not enter the country then a new tourist or visit visa cannot be applied at least for 6 months. To get an approval, the PRO of the said company or sponsor must go to the UAE Immigration and clear the previous employment Visa.
  • Previously holding a residence visa and left the country without cancelling the UAE Visa. To get an approval the PRO will go to the immigration and clear your previous residence visa.
  • Applicants with the same name, birth date and etc. will be delayed in getting approval or might be rejected.
  • Visa application with typing errors of name, passport number and profession code will be delayed in getting approval or may be rejected.
  • For female visitors below 25 yrs with no accompany of parents or relatives might receive rejection or delay of approval in the visa application.



We are here to help you to get faster and reliable visa services with minimum requirements and smooth entry and re-entry to UAE.  

Contact us on 043546661 or Send your documents to : Booking@desertdreamtourism.com Our inbound tour team will assess you asap.